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Under Costruction
My favorite Artists Bio's
Vincent Van Gogh

In March,30th, 1853 Vincent Van Gogh was born. Vincent made beautiful pictues. But he also started to go insane.                                                                

When he was 15 he already quit school and in 1869 he went to England. He then became a art dealer for th Goupil & Cie. When he became unhappy (seven years later) He tried being a catholic school teacher, but then he just went job to job. He lived all around Europe at the time in numerous cities. Then in 1880 he decided to go to Brussels to learn art, and in the next ten years he made 872 paintings!         Even though Vincent Van Gogh is famous today he was not when he was alive. In fact he only sold one of his paintings, The red vinyard at Arles, during his lifetime. He was also ver poor always spending money on art supplies instead of food. 

He often had great deppression wich is what led him to insanity. He was once put into the asylum for cutting off his own ear, it is said that he actually did so just for his portrait. And during one time at a asylum he painted Starry Starry Night. Saddly on July 1890 Vincent shot himself in the chest. A few days later he died with his brother on his side.

 The reason I like Van Gogh is his paintings are whimsical, yet real. Like his painting starry starry night. It is of a real town, yet the stars are depicted as swirls.



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My Favorite Painting
My favorite painting is called "women with ermine".  Some people say the women is Leonardo De Vinci's wife, Beatrice d'Este and others say it was some one else. No one really knows. The painting has also been restored so that it is different than it's original self. The painting used to have a door in the back ground, a viel on the wmens head, and less detailed fingers. But with the Mysteriousness of the previous mentioned things and her eyes which seem to venture off,  makes this painting my favorite.


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