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Artistic Bookworm



My Top 5 Favotite books:
  • #5: Shambanu, Daughter of the wind
  • #4: The Secret Garden
  • #3: The Cay
  • #2: The whole Harry Potter series

  • #1:My Sisters Keeper
My all time favorite book is My Sisters Kepper. This book is by Jodi Picoult. It deals with the controvirsial subject of life and death in wich most people would have a problem discussing. 
  In the story a girl named anna has always been the donor fo her sister Katie, who has battled luikemia since the age of two. Anna was actually concieved only to donate for Katie. But when Katie needs a organ transplant Anna refuses and she hires her own lawyer. I am not going to reveal the end or any of the twists, because you should read the story yourself.
  The make-up of the story is difficult, but good. You go day ,by day reading a sort of diary like entry from about five different characters of the story.                                         The subject, the plot, the characters, and the twist at the end all make this my favorite book.


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My Favorite Author:
J.K Rowling
Though my favorite book is by Jodi Picoult, my favorite writer is J.K Rowling. I like her Harry Potter series. I espescially like how she can tie together the Harry Potter stories but making it so you don't have to read all of the books. I also like how even though she lets people make movies about her stories, she is still very invovled in the process. And usually authors stories end up being not as good as the movies they are made into, but not hers. If I wrote stories I would want them to be in the style that J.K tolkien writes them in.


For more info on J.K Rowling click here


How to Help People younger than you get involved in Reading:
Getting your younger brother or sister, your own children, or grandchildren involved in reading isn't as hard as you think it is. Most poeple who try to get their kids into reading by just givng them a book and askng them to read it. But believe me it will not work! Below are some basic steps on how to keep your child an active reader;
  • Start reading to your child as early as possible, even every once and a while when your child is still a baby.
  • It's best, if you have time, to teach your child to read during kinder garden. You may think it will be to early, but it will help your child to succeed.
  • Always start off giving your child easy books to read, with interesting pictures, and a with a subject they like.
  • While youre child  gets older still read to them every so often.
  • Try reading while your children are playing,if they see you reading they might want to pick up a book as well.
  • Have a specific day in which you go book hunting, at libraries, a book store, or even in your own book collection. Try once every two weeks, it gives you enough time to read and it is usually every two weeks that books are due at libraries.
  • When a book is being made into a movie try and tell them that if they read the book that they can see the movie (I know bribery is bad ,but this helps).
  • And finnaly encourage your child, they need your support

Those are my helpful hints on how to keep your kids activley reading. I hope they work. My parents used these rules on me and know reading is one of my favorite things to do.


                            Lead and They will follow!