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      Alphabet characters were the basis for hieroglyphic writings. The basic hieroglyph characters are refered to as the ALPHABET. They 'spell out' names or anything which can't be represented by other characters. The alphabet characters are read as the sound of the object they represented.Although vowels were used in the spoken language.                                                                             
      Just like every written language, hieroglyphic writings needed conventions to keep writings consistent and readable. For instance English is always read left to right.
            Hieroglyphic writing was written in columns or rows. Reading direction is determined by the direction that human and animal figures faced. Reading starts from the direction that figures face and continues in the opposite direction.
They were not usually written unless a word begins with a vowel or where it might be confusing if left out,like with names.




Comic Books are one of the best ways to get stories quick, and have a lot of picture. They almost always tell stories of super heros, damsels in destress, and villans. The best comic book comapany is Marvel. They wrote almost all the most famous super heros. Their comics include Fantastic Four, Spiderman, X-Men, Daredevil, and so much more. My favorite Marvel Character is Wolvesbane ( Rahne Sinclair). Her super power is that she can shapeshift into part or whole wolf mutant, which give her full wolf abilities such as super hearing, animal strength, and others. She is from the New Mutants I, X-Factor, and X-factor Investigations.  

This is my Favorite Comic Book Character


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English Comics

A specific type of comics I like are comics from england. I used to get comics from england. They are really funny and they are more like the funny's (from news papers), instead of super hero stories. I really like them. Their famous comics are the beano comics. They are all about denise the menise type characters. They are all really great though.